Digital Privacy

Digital privacy isn’t something I’ve thought much about before this module. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to keep your identity private and decide what is shown on your profile. My original goal was to secure my passwords to various sites, but I was also able to secure what appears on my Facebook. Lifehacker provides a guide that shows you how to set up privacy settings, such as who can see your posts and who can post on your timeline or tag you. I used Pipl to see what information is associated with my name and was only able to find a few family members. When I searched my address on Spokeo, I found information regarding my house and who currently lives there. Spokeo also included a picture of my house. After completing this module, I know feel more confident about my digital privacy and how much of my information that strangers can view. My group made a guide called Four Easy Ways to Protect Yourself Online to assist with securing your privacy on the internet.