Creativity Module

For the creativity module, I decided to work on the digital audio portion. I originally planned on using Garage Band, but after having trouble with it I switched to iMovie. Garage Band seems to be more useful when trying to create your own audio or music. I completed two projects, an audio essay and a video documenting my trip to South Africa. My audio essay consisted of sounds and audio clips that I often hear throughout my day at UMW. The module introduced me to FreeSound, which I had never heard of. The site was very useful and I was able to find the exact sound clips that I was looking for. The video I made about my study abroad trip to South Africa consisted of pictures and videos from the trip, along with music. I really enjoyed my trip to South Africa and it was really nice to go back and look through all of my pictures in order to create this video. Throughout this module I learned how to piece sound clips together and detach the audio from one of my videos to use over other pictures. iMovie is pretty user friendly and I was able to mess around with a few things and create a video that I was proud of.

Below are my finished projects!

UMW in South Africa

Audio Essay